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The modular Invar travelling column horizontal boring machine, equipped with its patented thermal stabilisation system, is designed for the manufacture of large accurate components.... Read More

The Electra is one of a series of floor borers featuring a range of options including a number of table configurations and automatic head attachments. High accuracy is maintained patented thermal mana... Read More

DINAMIKA is a very versatile floor type high dynamic milling machine featuring high technology solutions. Wide range of configurations on multiple axis, modularity on travels and various accessories (... Read More

The Formula is a versatile floor borer available with many features and options for large and heavy workpieces. Options such as twin torque drives help the Formula achieve a rapid rate of 60M/min, exc... Read More

The Speedliner gantry mill has the capability for 3 or 5-axis high speed machining, especially useful in the aerospace and mould & die sectors. This quality machine tool features a monobloc gantry sty... Read More

DIAMOND Linear 30 is a gantry machining centre with 3 or 5 axis for high speed moulds/dies machining. It features a monobloc structure with a gantry moving saddle and stationary workpiece. The Diamond... Read More

The BF Aero is one of a series of moving table machining centres, this model being equipped with a full 5 axis spindle head for the production of complex components.... Read More

The XS series of gantry mills can machine parts up to 20M long. The wide range of tools and attachments, together with the capability of interchanging high speed/high torque spindle cartridges, offers... Read More

The Aero is based on the XS Series of gantry mills, but specifically adapted for the machining of large flat components. The distance between columns is up to 8M and the length of the table base, gene... Read More

The Active is available in two derivatives - Standard and Linear, the latter achieving 60 M/min, truly impressive for a machine of this size. The maximum table size is 4100 x 1100 mm and capable of ca... Read More

The Diamond is a gantry style 5 axis machining centre for the manufacture of moulds, dies and complex aerospace components. The fixed table and moving gantry design permits loads of up to 20 tons to b... Read More

The Esagon design is based on a single piece cast unit comprising of a bed/twin column/trunnion support structure. The patented reversible table offers the user the choice between a rotary index table... Read More

The PHS is a small gantry mill with fixed columns and a travelling table. The HSK A63 spindle is driven by a 30kW motor and has a speed of 24000 rpm. The machine takes up little floor space as is equi... Read More

The fixed gantry Roller offers maximum flexibility through a wide variety of table configurations and spindle heads. The square or round continuous rotary table, capable of carrying loads up to 3500 k... Read More

The Roller XL is a larger derivative of the standard Roller, providing the same high accuracy and machining capability, but for larger components. ... Read More

The Shark is a high speed, fixed bed moving column machining centre. The ram can be fitted with a number of head attachments - high speed, high torque or 5 axis. The table, up to 5.5M in length, is av... Read More

The THS Series of moving column machines is available with a variety of tables and spindle heads to suit the application. Optionally the machines can be equipped with automatic pallet changers to maxi... Read More

The Unika is a high speed milling centre with a movable column. This machine has an impressive feed rate of 60 M/min and the linear axes are water cooled to provide a constant temperature controlled m... Read More