The Impressive FTM 1000 X 7500 Lathe by FAT Haco

on 18th October 2017

FAT Haco have recently designed and manufactured a large lathe for a customer In Australia. The impressive FTM 1000 x 7500 lathe has been tested and installed with the large lathe now running. This multi-purpose lathe is equipped with a modern milling head, a tool magazine integrated with an automatic tool changer, an exceptionally big spindle bore of 360mm, a special solution for using long boring bars, sub-spindle and other elements which enables efficient and precise machining. This impressive lathe allows the customer the possibility to machine parts up to 7500mm in length and up to 1000mm in diameter.

FAT Haco have said that this machine is one of the most technologically advanced machines that they have produced. With shipping such a large machine, organization of loading and transport is key as well as challenging.

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