Land based transportation systems require machine tools to produce large components for the infrastructure and smaller complex parts for the equipment to make it run safely and efficiently.
The manufacture of every size and type of part can be accommodated on our CNC machines – large lathes from FAT Haco, vtl’s / gantry mills from Toshiba & KDM and prismatic parts on Kitamura & Gruppo Parpas.


Absolute safety, total reliability and the need to manufacture components in lightweight materials are deemed the basic standards within aerospace.
Hence, machines that produce these parts, whether in titanium for engines or in aluminium for structures, need to combine high speeds, high accuracy and high power. These standards are easily met and often surpassed by Kitamura.

Power Generation

The long term safety and reliability of the various forms of power generation plants, both traditional and renewable, provides UK manufacturers with the opportunity to manufacture large, heavy and robust components. Likewise, the machines needed to produce shafts, bearings and gearboxes for turbines, wind mills, hydro-electric and tidal systems need to be similar – please see our range of products from Toshiba, FAT Haco and KDM.


The harsh environments of this sector demand the production of components in hard and exotic materials. Inconel, Hasteloy, Duplex and other hard alloys are commonly used and the machining of these requires power, torque and rigidity or processes such as grinding. The larger Kitamura machining centres are often used for prismatic parts, with KDM / Toshiba / FAT Haco turn/mill centres being available for round parts.


The maximum effectiveness and long life of transmission, braking system and engine components relies on high accuracy and repeatability. Parts are manufactured in high volumes with a high degree of automation. The international experience gained by Kitamura ( Japan ) and DMC ( Korea ) enables us to provide cost effective machine tools to this highly demanding market.


Generally small, extremely precise and highly accurate best describes the vast range of components in this industry – knee/hip replacements, body scanners, testing devices, inhalers and thousands of others. Accuracies measured in microns are common and the machines needed to manufacture these must be equally precise – we are fortunate to have these high standards on Kitamura machining centres.


From large diesel engines to the various metal structures, the range of components is too vast to be concentrated within a small number of dedicated manufacturers but is scattered amongst the vast number of UK sub-contractors. Flexibility, usually for small batches, is the key and the ease of operation and cost effectiveness of the range of Kitamura, DMC, FAT Haco, Toshiba and KDM products in particular ensures work can be taken on with full confidence.

Oil & Gas

The importance of keeping this market sector running without interruption relies on the use of consistent and reliable components. Hostile conditions determine that parts, whether large sub-sea valves in stainless steel or small aluminium control valves on-shore, are supplied fully certified and tested. Quality manufacture demands quality machine tools and the exceptionally long track records and development in Kitamura, Toshiba, DMC and FAT Haco products is self evident.


The conditions under which equipment is used in underground mines, quarries and on construction sites results in a relatively short life span of the finished units. High accuracy is not generally paramount, rather the demand for spare parts alongside the need to supply components at a very competitive price. KDM, Kitamura and FAT Haco combine productivity with prices to meet that demand.

LEADER CNC - moving your company forward into the future

Leader CNC Technologies is a well established company with over 150 years of combined experience. Our expertise extends beyond our six principals encompassing many other manufacturers. Of course we enjoy full ISO 9001/2008 accreditation.


FAT Haco FTM 1000

  • Distance Centres: 1500-7500mm
  • Swing Over Bed Dia: 1000mm
  • Swing Over Saddle Dia: 1000mm
  • Spindle Speed: 1800rpm
  • Max Turning Dia: 1000mm

Gruppo Parpas Shark

  • X/Y/Z: 3-5000/1200/1600mm
  • 2 axis full Contouring Head
  • Rapid Traverse 35 M/min
  • Component Weight 5500kg
  • Machine Weight: 24000kg

DMC 400

  • Rapid Traverse Rate: 48 M/min
  • Spindle Taper: BBT 30
  • Spindle Speed: 10000rpm
  • X/Y/Z: 620/420/350mm
  • Max Number of Tools:> 21


  • X/Z: 390/780mm
  • Max Turning Dia: 730mm
  • Max Turning Length: 750mm
  • Max Spindle Speed: 2000rpm
  • Rapid Traverse Rate: 20M/min

Toshiba BTD 200 QH

  • X/Y/Z/W Axis: 1500/1200/700/400mm
  • Table Surface: 1000 x 1200mm
  • Spindle Speed: 5000rpm
  • Tool Storage Capacity: > 90
  • Spindle/quill Dia: 110/200mm


  • Max Swing: 1600mm
  • Max Turning Height: 900mm
  • Table Diameter: 1250mm
  • Number of tools: 12
  • Machine Weight: 18500kg

Kitamura HX400G

  • Table Size: 400x400mm
  • Spindle Taper: NST No.40
  • Spindle Speed: 40-15,000rpm
  • Power Requirement: 45KVA
  • Machine Weight: 13800kg

Kitamura B6-G

  • Table Size: 900x1800mm
  • Spindle Taper: NST No.50
  • Spindle Speed: 35–12000rpm
  • Power Requirement: 35KVA
  • Machine Weight: 16000kg

About Us

Leader CNC Technologies is a well established company with over 150 years of combined experience. Our expertise extends beyond our seven principals encompassing many other manufacturers. Of course we enjoy full ISO 9001/2008 accreditation.

We feel that we are the UK's leading supplier of premier machine tools. Supporting as we do Toshiba, Haco, KDM, Kitamura, DMC and Gruppo Parpas.

What we do is only half the story however; we feel it's how we do it that sets us apart. Please explore our site and find out how a working relationship with Leader CNC can advance your business.


Introducing the new bridge type Kitamura Bridgecenter-6G machining centre

March 26th 2015

To manufacture large components with productivity levels that are only available from Kitamura, Leader CNC is now introducing the new bridge type Kitamura Bridgecenter-6G machining centre.


Toshiba Leads the Way with the new Horizontal Borer

March 11th 2015

Heavy industrial manufacturing has now taken a step to being more productive with the arrival of the Toshiba BTH-130.R24 horizontal boring centre. This machine tool has been developed to provide large scale manufacturers with exceptional horizontal boring operation ability coupled with the productivity usually associated with a high quality machining centre.


Biggest lathe ever made by FAT Haco successfully installed at Ellwood City Forge!

February 10th 2015

Ellwood City Forge, a large steelworks company, has recently taken delivery of the largest flat bed CNC lathe made by one of Leader CNC’s principals, FAT Haco. The massive cast iron bed, carriage and headstock were all cast in FAT Haco’s own foundry.


FAT Haco – dedicated to the railway industry

February 4th 2015

FAT Haco, well known for manufacturing medium and large CNC lathes, has recently installed two portal gantry mills for machining rails, crossings and other equipment being used to expand and modernise the railway network.


Leader CNC has a ‘Reputation to Maintain'

January 28th 2015

Leader CNC Technologies, already well established in the machine repair and servicing industry, has developed an exceptional ‘Reputation to Maintain’.


Brand new drill-tap centres for 2015

January 21st 2015

To supplement the range of existing drill-tap centres, DMC have developed the DTE series to provide a more cost effective solution to volume manufacturers. Available in nine models, the range includes machines specially developed for IT components.


Happy New Year!

January 12th 2015

Thank you to all who made 2014 a record year for Leader CNC and we look forward to helping you to achieve high productivity and profits in 2015.


Successful 2014 for Leader CNC!

December 17th 2014

With this year almost coming to an end, 2014 has been a great year for Leader CNC Technologies with a record number of machine tools already installed and giving the company a great start to 2015.


Kitamura new products for 2015!

December 9th 2014

At a European Dealers Seminar recently held in Dusseldorf Germany, Kitamura announced a range of new machines and technology to supplement the G Series introduced in 2014.


Goodwin International’s number of Toshiba continues to grow!

November 12th 2014

Goodwin International, based on a 4.5 acre site in Stoke-on-Trent,has recently invested in six more Toshiba machines, adding to their current total of seventeen Toshiba installations. With the increase in UK manufacturing and a higher demand in productivity, the site is open seven days a week with minimal shut down, being able to supply and manufacture parts to power generation, petro chemical, structural and oil & gas sectors.


Engineering Solutions success on DMC machines!

October 28th 2014

Engineering Solutions, based in Newbury, have recently moved premises with the intention to produce more.


JIMTOF Soon Approaching!

October 22nd 2014

The JIMTOF machine tool exhibition will be held in Tokyo-Japan from the 30th October to the 4th November this year.


Gruppo Parpas success in aerospace composites!

October 14th 2014

Gruppo Parpas, one of Leader CNC principal suppliers, has installed two large 5 axis gantry mills, with another due this year, to companies within the AIP Aerospace Tooling Group.


The brand new KDM – K12 vertical turning centre!

October 7th 2014

KDM have announced the release of the K Series of vertical turning centres, the first one being exhibited at Simtos 2014 earlier this year.


The new Unika by Gruppo Parpas available now!

September 30th 2014

The new OMV Unika travelling column machining centre, especially designed for blade and blisk manufacture, was launched this year.


Kitamura announces new machines!

September 23rd 2014

Kitamura have launched the new Bridgecenter 6G which was shown at the IMTS show this September.


Success at the IMTS Show!

September 17th 2014

The IMTS show has now finished and what a successful exhibition it was.


AMB Show is nearly here!

September 9th 2014

The AMB show, International Exhibition for Metal Working, is only a week away and is regarded as one of the biggest industry events.


FAT Haco to show off a brand new machine at IMTS!

September 4th 2014

IMTS is almost here, and a great way to start it off is FAT Haco exhibiting the brand new 4 axis TUR MN Lathe.


The new Toshiba TUE 100 available now!

September 1st 2014

This September at IMTS Show, Chicago, Toshiba are launching their TUE-100 vertical turning centre.


Another Toshiba VTL installation success

August 26th 2014

Desman Engineering, a highly successful subcontract manufacturer based in Blidworth, has been a user of Toshiba machines for many years.


IMTS Show 2014

August 20th 2014

This September at McCormick Place, Chicago will be holding the International Manufacturing Technology Show with four of our principals exhibiting - Kitamura, Parpas, DMC and Toshiba.


The new Mytrunnion 7

August 18th 2014

To supplement the range of Mytrunnion vertical 5 axis machining centres, Kitamura are soon due to launch the Mytrunnion7 – the largest machine in the range..



  • Transport
  • Precision Parts
  • Performance Parts
  • Aerospace
  • Power Generation
  • Petrochemical
  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Marine
  • Oil & Gas
  • Construction
  • Aerospace


  • No hard selling at any point, and they spent more time knowing our requirements.
    Managing Director, Engineering Solutions - Mr Nick Wright
  • Our Toshiba TUE 15 installed six years ago has been so reliable and accurate, I had no hesitation in purchasing the TUE 200(S).
    Managing Director, Desman Engineering - Mr Ian Guilor
  • The project has been such a success that we have now commissioned Leader CNC to undertake the same project on our other Giddings & Lewis Orion 2300.
    Managing Director, CTL Engineering - Mr Ian Booth
  • We fully reviewed the marketplace but it was the exceptional build quality, the tooling set-up and the service support for the KDM machine on which we primarily made our decision.
    Managing Director, MG Sanders - Mr Nick Farnsworth

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